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We are LondonSEOMeetup, the biggest SEO focused meetup happening in the tech capital right now. These events are monthly, and completely free except for special events. We host an evening of networking with industry peers, leading experts, formidable talent, high-profile speakers and the team from Blue Array – the UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency.

19th March 2020

LondonSEOMeetup - March Edition


Who are we?

We are LondonSEOMeetup, the biggest SEO, Search Marketing and Digital Marketing-Focused meetup happening in the tech-capital right now. These events are monthly, and completely free. It will be an evening of networking with industry peers, leading experts, formidable talent, high-profile speakers and the team from Blue Array – the UK’s largest specialist SEO agency.

Our events have an open and relaxed vibe so you can network to your heart’s content, all the while washing it down with a refreshing drink and delicious pizza.

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Our guest speakers

Faisal Anderson - guest speaker

Faisal Anderson

Spying on Google: Using Log File Analysis and Python to Reveal Invaluable SEO Insights

Log File Analysis is rarely touched on by the average SEO… but you’re missing out on data that is pure gold. Imagine not “guesstimating” how Googlebot and other crawlers behave on your website, but actually knowing how bots behave? Imagine being able to find out what those crawl anomalies actually are? Log File Analysis can reveal all this and more, and this talk will show you how

Natalie Mott - guest speaker

Natalie Mott

Common SEO Myths and Misconceptions

There is a LOT of misinformation about SEO out there. Whether you are a provider or procurer of SEO services, regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, many of us have come across at least one SEO recommendation that is complete nonsense, that at best will have no impact on your SEO performance, and at worst could have dire consequences. This talk is designed to:

  • quash some of the weirder SEO rumours that persist
  • answer some of the common queries that SEO suppliers / managers receive from clients & stakeholders
  • allay fears about mysterious penalties that Google may or may not inflict on your site, and
  • help you make informed decisions about how best to proceed with your SEO project

Amie Sparrow - guest speaker

Amie Sparrow

PR & SEO: A Special Relationship

Whether you’re an SEO looking to know more about how PR can help amplify your efforts, a PR wondering how you can apply some technical know-how to your press releases and outreach, or even somewhere in the middle with no clue what Digital PR is, this talk is for you.

The talk will cover how PR & SEO are related, how they work together and how they can be better aligned. It’s not quite traditional PR, it’s not quite link-building, and it’s not quite straightforward SEO – it’s Digital PR.

Natalie Mott - guest speaker

Peter Biggs

AI: the SEO’s secret weapon.

As an SEO, you can usually access your clients’ web analytics. With API access and a few data tools, you can start leveraging huge SEO value from all the historical data inside.

  • Forecast demand
  • Spot missed revenue opportunities
  • Make a case for your IA and content updates with data
  • Automate the time consuming IA build process
  • Overlay visibility and keyword difficulty data
  • Attribute & quantify the ROI from your efforts

…and create a data-led SEO strategy which keeps you ahead.

Where can you find us?

Funding Circle, 71 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4V 4AY

Funding Circle’s offices are just a 25 minute tube ride from Paddington station. The nearest tube station is Mansion house, served by the Circle and District Lines.

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Our values

Expert Speakers

Each of our speakers are industry leading experts from a wide range of digital marketing and SEO specialisms.

Industry-Leading Insight

You’ll be sure to leave with clear actionable guidance on the respective topics.

Network & Conversation Opportunities

Our meetup offers excellent networking opportunities. LondonSEOMeetup is attended by some of the biggest brands in the business. We like to keep things relaxed and intimate, with a focus on sharing knowledge and inspiring others.

Tasty Refreshments

At LondonSEOMeetup, we love to take care of our members. We’ll be providing a range of refreshments on the night including some delicious pizza and refreshing beer.

Our sponsors

Funding Circle - a LondonSEO sponsorSemrush - a LondonSEO sponsorSearchStar - a LondonSEO sponsor

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LondonSEOMeetup – March Edition

Thursday 19th March 2020

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As there can't be a #LondonSEOMeetup today, as a treat lets revisit @TheHodge's hilarious SEO gameshow The Knowledge Panel 🚨🤓

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