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Vote for your LondonSEO speaker of the year

Cast your vote today for the LondonSEO speaker of the year 2022. The winner will receive a speaking slot at next years LondonSEO XL event.

The vote for SEO Speaker of the Year is now closed

The nominees

Ellie Morgan - Evolved Search

Ellie Morgan – Evolved Search

Case Studies: Using real people in your digital PR campaigns to leverage topical backlinks

Billie Geena Hyde -

Billie Geena Hyde –

Client Bias – another battle for women in SEO

Jamie White - Connective3

Jamie White – Connective3

Advanced ways of using Google Search Console to maximise organic performance

Giulia Panozzo - StockX

Giulia Panozzo – StockX

Neuroscience of search

Danny Richman - Digital Business Consultant

Danny Richman – Digital Business Consultant

How to perform keyword research with GPT3

Beth Nunnigton - Journey Further

Beth Nunnigton – Journey Further

How to use AI to measure relevancy and accelerate your organic growth

Itamar Blauer - Cure Media

Itamar Blauer – Studiohawk

How to challenge yourself and avoid complacency in your SEO career

Greta Munari - Trainline

Greta Munari – Trainline

The redemption of content automation: how to scale unique content to 4M+ pages

David Lewis - Trainline

David Lewis – Trainline

The story of why we deleted 130 million pages

Jo Juliana Turnbull - Freelance SEO Consultant

Jo Juliana Turnbull – Freelance SEO Consultant

How to upskill in tech SEO without losing salary or confidence

Steph Hugman - Screaming Frog

Steph Hugman – Screaming Frog

The key to success when starting a new role remotely

Reina Hanada - Wise

Reina Hanada – Wise

Cutting through the noise with data

Ryan Jones - Land of Rugs

Ryan Jones – Land of Rugs

Recovering from an imfamous algorithm update

Duray Pretorious - Viaduct Generation

Duray Pretorious – Viaduct Generation

Better together: building a strong agency and brand relationship

Carly Steven - The Sun

Carly Steven – The Sun

SEO challenges facing news publishers

Paige Hobart - Unily

Paige Hobart – Unily

Content mapping for SEO

Harry Theodoulou - Google

Harry Theodoulou – Google

Harry solving Core Web Vitals

Maria White - Kurt Geiger

Maria White – Kurt Geiger

SEO for Black Friday: approach to consider from an SEO and ecommerce perspective

Dimitris Drakatos - Peanut

Dimitris Drakatos – Peanut

Journey from 0 to 2.5m in 12 months

Laura Brady & Daniel Cartland - NOVOS

Laura Brady & Daniel Cartland – NOVOS

Classic e-commerce mistakes & how to avoid them

Petra Kis-Herczegh - Yext

Petra Kis-Herczegh – Yext

The buy-in-ish cycle: the main reason SEO strategies fail