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LondonSEO XL 2024

Elevating marketer’s SEO skills, knowledge and performance

LondonSEO XL

June 13th 2024

09:30 – 17:00
Shoreditch Town Hall, London

What is LondonSEO XL?

LondonSEO XL offers cutting-edge insights, expert talks, and invaluable networking opportunities, empowering SEOs and digital marketers to elevate their skills, knowledge, and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned specialist or a generalist, join us for our day-long event hosted by Blue Array in central London on June 13th, 2024. Want to stay in the loop? Follow our socials to hear about speaker announcements and more.

Why you shouldn’t miss this

LondonSEO XL is tailored for anyone seeking to enhance their expertise in SEO and digital marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned specialist looking to stay ahead of the curve or a generalist eager to delve deeper into these fields, our event offers invaluable insights and networking opportunities for all.

What makes us special

LondonSEO XL offers a unique blend of industry expertise and innovative strategy takeaways, promising a day-long experience designed to inspire, educate, and foster connections.

The speaker lineup for LondonSEO XL 2024

We’re currently in the process of releasing our full speaker linenup. Follow our socials so you don’t miss our speaker announcements

Myriam Jessier

Myriam Jessier

Technical Marketing Consultant & Corporate Trainer at Pragm

Talk topic: Neurodiversity and search

As a Technical Marketing Consultant & Corporate Trainer, Myriam focuses on training agencies, in-house SEO and freelance experts to optimise their processes. They’ve worked with brands in various industries: Financial / Food / Fashion / Pharmaceutical / Government / Cosmetics and many more…

Giulia Panozzo

Giulia Panozzo

Founder at Neuroscientive

Talk topic: Neurodiversity and search

Giulia is a neuroscientist turned SEO with extensive experience in Technical SEO and Content in particular. She’s genuinely passionate about neuroeconomics, consumer behaviour, data analytics and machine learning.

Luke Carthy

Luke Carthy

eCommerce Consultant at

Talk topic: Actionable CRO using GA4

As an eCommerce SEO & Conversion Consultant, he specialises in delivering sales and conversion growth for eCom businesses and will be leveraging his 12 years of expertise to talk Actionable CRO using GA4.

Andi Jarvis

Andi Jarvis

Founder & Strategy Director at Eximo Marketing

Talk topic: Predict the future – accurately

Andi is a marketer with 23 years under his belt and experience in building a business from the ground up. He’s the Founder of Eximo Marketing who ‘help companies find more customers by creating effective marketing strategies, fix under-performing parts of their campaigns, and provide training to educate and engage their teams.”

Daniel Waisberg

Daniel Waisberg

Search Advocate at Google

Talk topic: Google Trends tips

Daniel’s been working at Google for over 10 years and in his current role as Search Advocate, his time is divided between educating and inspiring the SEO community and working with the product’s engineering team to develop new capabilities.

Louise Giddings

Louise Giddings

SEO Manager at RAC

Talk topic: Maximising search with social

As an SEO Manager with a passion for search, digital marketing and online advertising, Louise has a natural flair for being able to quickly and confidently craft engaging and well-thought-out content, such as blog posts, articles and adverts.

Georgie Kemp

Georgie Kemp

Senior SEO Manager at Bumble

Talk topic: Proving organic investment value

As a Senior SEO Manager, Georgie is an experienced SEO professional with a proven track record of driving high-impact results and leveraging metrics to achieve business objectives. Georgie is an active contributor to the SEO community having spoken at conferences such as brightonSEO and Impression Digital’s Organic Marketing event.

Gus Pelogia

Gus Pelogia

SEO Product Manager at Indeed

Talk topic: Testing & SEO

As the SEO Product Manager at Indeed, Gus works on a site with millions of pages – so he’s an expert in running A/B tests to measure the impact of initiatives at scale, developing roadmaps, testing hypotheses and much more…

Our venue – Shoreditch Town Hall

380 Old Street London EC1V 9LT

Shoreditch Town Hall is the perfect venue for our event due to its vibrant atmosphere. With its rich history and modern amenities, it offers a unique backdrop that aligns perfectly with the innovative and forward-thinking nature of our event.

Located in the heart of East London’s creative hub, Shoreditch Town Hall reflects the energy and dynamism of the area, providing an inspiring setting that will captivate attendees and enhance their overall experience. From its iconic architecture to its immersive spaces, Shoreditch Town Hall sets the stage for an unforgettable and impactful day.

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